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Tips for Safe & Secure Mobile Banking12/13/2023

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Mobile Banking gives you the ability to access your finances on your terms, whether you're at home or on the go. Members First takes numerous steps to make sure our mobile app is secure so that your accounts and personal information are safe. However, you also play a role in maintaining the security of your financial information. To help you enjoy all the conveniences the Members First mobile banking app has to offer, we're sharing important tips for staying safe and secure while using mobile banking.

Verify Legitimacy

Like you would verify the legitimacy of a website when you're shopping or managing your finances, you should verify the legitimacy of an app before downloading it on your phone. Check the app publisher or seller before you download an app.

For Example:

You should look for the following icon and developer when downloading the Members First Credit Union of Florida mobile banking app. If you're managing your finances on a browser, make sure you're at the correct address (URL) — Our short URL ( should redirect you to

Members First mobile app icon screenshotMembers First mobile app icon screenshot


Utilize and Maintain Device Security

If you're like most of us, your mobile device is more than just your phone. It's your address book, calendar, camera and photo album, search engine, personal shopper, password keeper, and all around life manager. With so much personal data and history on your device, it's important to utilize the security features available to you and maintain its integrity so you're protected.

  • Lock your device and store it in a safe place when it's not in use.
  • Use strong passwords or biometric technology (fingerprint and face ID) for your mobile device, app store, and with any apps containing sensitive information.
  • Do not modify or jailbreak your mobile device. This can compromise your device security and make it more susceptible to viruses or malware.
  • Like you would install anti-virus software on your computer, install trusted mobile security software on your phone or tablet.
  • Do not share your password or lend your device to others, especially when your mobile banking app is open.
  • Do not connect to public wifi or use mobile banking services in public places. If you must, use a trusted VPN service.
  • Keep your device up-to-date by installing the latest updates to your operating system (OS). You should also make sure you're using the latest version of your apps.
  • Stay alert to any changes in your mobile device's performance. Is your device responding slowly or does the battery drain much faster than usual? If your device starts performing differently, it could be a sign of malware or a virus.

Practice Safe Password Habits

Creating a strong, secure password is essential to keeping your accounts and personal information safe. That's why it's important to create a new password for every account you make online, change your password regularly, keep your password to yourself (never write down or share your password with others), and logout of your app when you're not using it.

How to Create a Strong Password

  • Use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.
  • Avoid using single words or information about yourself that others could easily obtain, like your name, spouse's name, pet's name, birthdays or anniversaries, or any part of your username or email address.
  • A strong password is at least 10 characters long.
  • Spaces in passwords make them harder to crack. If the site you're creating the password for allows it, use a space in the password.
  • Instead of a password, use a passphrase. For example, eye h8 two Skate! is a passphrase that meets all the suggestions.


Monitor Activity

One of the best ways to combat fraud and identity theft and keep your information safe is by being a personal shield.

  • Monitor your financial records and accounts on a regular basis.
  • Use account alerts to notify you of activity and regularly review your statements with internet or mobile banking to spot any suspicious activity.
  • Fraudsters will seek out your private information by email, letter, phone calls, texts, personal messages, and fake websites and apps. Use safe web browsing habits, practice safe online shopping, protect yourself from phone scams and vishing, and be wary of social media scams.
  • If you receive a call, text, email, or letter claiming to be from Members First Credit Union of Florida and have any doubts as to the authenticity of the correspondence, do not hesitate to contact us.
    • Members First Credit Union of Florida will never ask for your internet or mobile banking password under any circumstances. In addition, we will never ask you over an automated call or fraud alert for sensitive information such as your PIN, CVV code, Social Security Number, or online banking login details. If you receive an automated call requesting any of this information or suspect that you've been targeted by a scam, hang up immediately and report the incident to us.


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