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We all know what it is like to be just another person in line or an account number at the bank. You get very little attention in most instances. You want more from your financial institution. MembersFirst Credit Union of Florida is "Your Financial Partner". Our name reflects our philosophy that the needs of our members do indeed come first and we are committed to helping you fulfill your financial goals.

Common bond
At MembersFirst Credit Union of Florida, you are never a customer. You are a member for life! All MembersFirst Credit Union of Florida members share something in common, so not just anyone can join the Credit Union. We are like one big family.

That is how credit unions originated. People sharing a common bond were allowed to pool their monies in the credit union, and the credit union was allowed to loan money to its members-"People Helping People".

Run by caring volunteers, management, and staff
Unlike any bank, the Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are all volunteers who are elected by members and serve without pay. The volunteers, management and staff share a genuine concern for the well being of the Credit Union and its members.

You see, we really are not like a bank. We are a unique financial institution which exists for the financial benefit of its members. We are "People Serving People".

Once a member, always a member
As a member of MembersFirst Credit Union of Florida, you are an owner of your financial institution, not just a customer. Credit Unions were established with people like you in mind-people who work for a living, save and borrow.

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